Fashion Shooting @ ILM



I spent my whole day surrounded by models, clothes and lights.

Days ago, Q Producciones ran a fashion shooting at ILM.

Kike ZambranoPhotographer Kike Zambrano stated he decided for the ILM location because of the eclectic ambience and wall paintings surrounding all over the place.

ILM Concept Store; is a unique place, the vintage-retro-modern look gives you an inviting sensation of just being yourself: so relaxed, cool and free, cero pretentious.

img_5496As from the grafitti painted outside (the Afro Icon with the sunglasses of mirrors) or even inside the building, a house built in the 50´s with high ceilings and big windows, it offers a perfect frame for the different activities every day are performed in, such as this fashion shooting.

Contempo ModelThis is the first time I am involved in this type of work, from start to end. I took notice of every detail the production  team must accomplish in order to get objectives. I also noticed how important is make up, hair stylish, lights and attitude of models. Perfect coordination and team work is a must in this type of work.

Shooting began at 9:00 am and we finish at 5pm on the dot.

Work was extenuating, models showed professionalism and attitude, coming from Brazil and Argentina, the models were booked by 3 prestigious models agencies: Contempo, Class Models and QuetaRojas.

QuetaRojas Model

Clothes were provided by fashion designers Jaime Hemsani and Luigi Vidrok


Make up: Norma Flores

Producer: Fernando Ulloa

Location: ILM Concept Store


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